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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Call to prayer and sacrifice

Have you said a prayer for priests lately? If so, good for you. If not, maybe you should start now. (Click HERE to see a few examples to get you started.)

Why is it important for parishioners to pray for their priests, especially in this jubilee year? Bishop Robert F. Vasa Baker, Ore., provides the answer in a thought-provoking column for the Aug. 20 issue of the Catholic Sentinel diocesan newspaper. He writes:

"We all want our priests to be holy, prayerful, devoted, pious, available, good administrators, good preachers, personable, affable, patient, accommodating, zealous, on time, to be all we want them to be and we want them to be all of these things all of the time. We sometimes forget that a man with great administrative skills may not be a good preacher. A man who is very pious may be more aloof and thus less personable. A man who is entirely affable may be, shall we say, administratively challenged. A man who is too available may frequently be late. A man who excels in patience may seem to lack zeal. It is good and necessary to hold very high standards for our priests and the Year for Priests affords us an opportunity to pray and work to help them achieve those high standards." 

Click HERE to read Bishop Vasa's entire column.

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