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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Christian witness in time of tragedy

Relatives of victims and survivors of Tuesday's senseless shooting at a suburban Pittsburgh fitness club were comforted by priests of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, who were sent out by Bishop David Zubik. The bishop himself visited the wounded and their families, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

 Here's some of what the paper had to say:

"We're here so we can help, perhaps, some with their spiritual needs," Father Kim Schreck explained.

The priests listened to, counseled and prayed with more than a dozen people inside the fire hall "whether they were traumatized by the incident or here for a loved one," he said.

Asked what he told people in such situations, he said, "Evil is real. For whatever reason, this man acted in a horrible way, and we suffered because of it. Some people blame God, but He is here in us. The Lord is with us in our suffering."

 H/T to the American Papist.

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