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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'Foreclosure-fighting father'

One role of priests is to take good care of the spiritual home of parishioners — the church. A Los Angeles Country priest is also trying to make sure his parishioners are safe and secure in their own dwellings. 

As The Associated Press reports in a story today, Father John Lasseigne of Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Pacoima, Calif. — where one in nine homes is in default — is doing what he can to help his parishioners keep their homes in the face of foreclosures. He's gone so far as to negotiate with lenders on their behalf.

"Works of justice are an integral part of the priesthood," Father Lasseigne told the AP. "We have to take stands in aiding the needy and denouncing the injustices of society. The financial entrapment that was part of this was unbelievable."

Parishioners are appreciative of his efforts on their behalf. "I never heard of a priest doing so much to help people," parishioner Juana Rodriguez said. "He's always out there in front of us, leading us. I don't get frightened anymore."

Click HERE to read the AP story.

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