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Friday, September 4, 2009

Remembering a priestly practical joker

Priests have a very important duty, but who says that means they have to be serious all the time? 

There is a very nice tribute in today's edition of the LaCrosse Tribune of Father Tom O'Neill, a Wisconsin priest with a strong devotion to his job as the vice president for mission and ministry at Viterbo University who also happened to have a strong liking for practical jokes. Father O'Neill, 61, died Wednesday.

In the story, friends, co-workers and parishioners praised the priest's dedication, especially in serving as an on-call chaplain, showing up whenever needed, even if that meant arriving at emergency rooms in the middle of the night. But they also recalled his penchant for leaving fake parking tickets on campus.

"He would remember the silliest thing that he saw or heard you say and bring it back to haunt you again and again," said the Rev. Tom Lindner, pastor of Newman University Parish in Stevens Point, Wis., told the newspaper.

Click HERE to read the entire story.

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