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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spreading the Word digitally

Priests are front and center of Pope Benedict XVI's message for the World Day of Social Communications, which will be celebrated Jan. 24. The Vatican released the message's text today.

In the message, appropriately timed for the Year for Priests, priests are urged to use new media as a possible resource for their ministry.

The message, titled "The Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World: New Media at the Service of the Word," notes that "new communications media, if adequately understood and exploited, can offer priests and all pastoral care workers a wealth of data which was difficult to access before, and facilitate forms of collaboration and increased communion that were previously unthinkable."

What priests do you know of who use digital media effectively to reach the faithful? Two who come quickly to mind are Father Robert Barron of Word on Fire ministry and Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does the Prayer Really Say.

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