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Friday, October 16, 2009

Power and Grace of Saints

An exhibit that recently opened in Rome displays the saints of Europe as depicted some of the finest painters who ever lived ... Caravaggio, El Greco, Tiziano and Van Eyck, just to name a few.

The visionary behind the exhibit "Power and Grace: The Holy Patrons of Europe" is a priest, Father Alessio Geretti, from Illegio, a tiny village in the Carnia region of the Alps.

Father Geretti told Chiesa that one reason for the exhibit is to help contemporary Europe reconnect with its Christian roots. He said: "In the Europe of pluralism and democracy, holiness is the most convincing form that a religion can take. The lives of the saints persuade without constraining. I truly believe that in this age – which, as Paul VI said, does not so much need teachers as witnesses – the saints are still the face of a Church that has the ability to speak to the heart of the people and to bring the dominant culture into crisis, unmasking all of its inhumanity."

Click HERE to read the entire story about Father Geretti and his exhibit. h/t to New Advent.

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