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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bishop-elect and fisherman

Jesus told the apostles to follow him, and he would make them "fishers of men." An Archdiocese of Indianapolis priest who will soon become a successor to the apostles is both a "fisher of men" and a fisherman.

Today, the Catholic News Agency has a profile of Father Paul D. Etienne, who is now bishop-elect of Cheyenne, Wyo. An outdoorsman who comes from a faith-filled family with three siblings and an aunt and uncle in religious life, he and his brother, also a priest, have built a retreat in Southern Indiana, complete with a pond where they can fish. He will be ordained a bishop on Dec. 9.

One of his pre-ordination gifts from a friend was a new fly rod for trout fishing. "I can't wait," Father Etienne told the Indianapolis Star.

Click HERE to read the entire story, and check out this Indianapolis Star slide show of Father Etienne below. h/t to New Advent.

View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Paul Etienne had no visions of a life as a man of the cloth

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