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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Priests, seminarians step up for sisters

On May 2, a group of priests, seminarians and a deacon from the Diocese of Pittsburgh will be going the distance — 26.2 miles, to be exact — to raise money and awareness for young women who feel called to serve as women religious.

The men will race in the Pittsburgh Marathon or Marathon Relay as part of the Run For Nuns, which is a fundraiser to help the women pay off their educational debts so that they may enter religious communities.

One of the seminarians who is running, Patrick Caruso, explained his motivation for starting the Run For Nuns in a recent press release, “The world has seen many courageous witnesses to love through the lives of religious sisters such as Mother Teresa. These young women that we are trying to help out are eager to offer the same selfless service for the rest of their lives. While it could normally take years to pay off their debt, we simply want to provide the future sisters with the ability to start serving as soon as possible.”

The Run For Nuns is just one of many efforts to raise funds and awareness for vocations. Click HERE to read an OSV newsweekly piece about such efforts, including a mini-profile of Alicia Torres, one of the young women who will be helped through the Run For Nuns.

And check out this humorous Run For Nuns trailer below:

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