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Friday, April 16, 2010

Speaker: Trials strengthen priesthood

Catholic News Service recently highlighted an address given by Msgr. Stephen Rossetti at the annual convention of National Federation of Priests' Councils in Houston, Texas, where he was honored with the organization's Touchstone Award.

During the April 13 speech, Msgr. Rossetti, who is a clinical associate professor of pastoral studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington, told the audience that despite the negative media reports surrounding the priesthood these days, priests have a high level of job satisfaction.

"Rather than disintegrating under the pressure and stress of our day, it appears to me that our priests are becoming stronger," he said. "As the public negativity rises and the chorus of naysayers crescendos, I believe our priests and church are actually the better for it. Truly, the more the church suffers, the stronger it becomes."

Click HERE to see more of Msgr. Rossetti's comments and the results of his surveys on the priesthood.

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