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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pope Benedict: Priesthood of Christ

During his Corpus Christi homily Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI asked the faithful to meditate on the priesthood of Christ, and its relationship to the Eucharist:

In the Eucharist, the pontiff said, "Jesus anticipated his sacrifice; not a ritual but a personal sacrifice. At the Last Supper, his acts were moved by that 'eternal spirit' with which He would subsequently give Himself up to the cross. Giving thanks and blessing, Jesus transformed the bread and wine. It is divine love that transforms: the love with which Jesus accepted in advance to give himself for us. This love is the Holy Spirit, the Sprit of the Father and of the Son, which consecrates the bread and wine and alters their substance into the Body and Blood of the Lord, making present in the sacrament the sacrifice which would be cruelly realized on the cross."

"It is divine power, the same power that created the incarnation of the Word, that transforms extreme violence and extreme injustice into a supreme act of love and justice," the pope concluded. "This is the work of the priesthood of Christ, which the Church has inherited and extends through history, in the dual form of the common priesthood of the baptized and the ordained priesthood of ministers, so as to transform the world with the love of God."

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